Thursday, September 15, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

Rainbow over the university and the lake

In Granna with Dobby the house elf's relative :) 

Candy-making man!! 

The true love of my life <3 

Being a really safe bike rider :) 

Top of the church tower...great view! 

A little blurry, but inside one of the beautiful little churches on the island! 

Outside a former POW area

Looking into the prison/manner

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! Figured I'd put myself in some of these! More to come from this weekend! By the way mom--gray jacket= best present ever purchased :) Thanks! 


  1. Love seeing your pictures! And glad you are in some of them too!

  2. Hey Ally, I love your blog posts! You are certainly taking full advantage of the teaching opportunities as well as the opportunities to explore.

    Happy Birthday. I hope you are enjoying your special birthday in Sweeden.
    Take care.
    Uncle Dick